How to set up the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk

With the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk solution, your users can use a chatbot to create, update or the check the status of an incident in ServiceNow.

The Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk includes a bot that enables users to do the following in ServiceNow:

  • Create a new incident
  • Update an existing incident
  • Check the status of an existing incident

To set up the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk, complete the following major steps:

  1. Set up the ServiceNow NodeJS provider integration.
  2. Add providers.
  3. Add phrasings to the articles that were created automatically.
  4. Add new users as necessary.
  5. Configure and deploy your widget.

    This may require assistance from a web developer.

  6. Add live chat.