How to add users

As a part of setting up your Digital DX Rapid Helpdesk, log into your AI Console and add users as required.

If you don't want to add any new users, you can skip this step and proceed to configuring your widget.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Admin Center > Users.
  2. Choose Add new user.
  3. Specify a username, enter the user's email address and provide the user's real name.
    Important: Make sure the email address you provide is valid and unique to this user in the system.
  4. Select a user role.
    • Account Manager: Can control any aspect of the Digital DX AI account, that is, access the analytics, answer tickets, manage the knowledge base. You can't change the advanced credentials for an account manager.
    • Account Watcher: Provides read-only privileges, that is, the user can only review the knowledge base and the analytics, but they can't answer tickets.
    • Agent: Can only answer tickets, can't review the analytics.
    • Knowledge Base Manager: Can edit the knowledge base, manage users and review the analytics.
      Note: See How to choose a role for a user? for more information about these roles.
  5. Select Add/Update to add the new user.
What's next? Configure the widget.