How to add live chat to the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk

Once you have deployed the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk widget to your website, you can start setting up live chat by integrating with Bold360 Agent.

Before you start: You must have valid Bold360 AI and Bold360 Agent subscriptions.

  1. Create an API key in Bold360 AI

    You'll need the API key in step 2 when integrating with Bold360 Agent.

  2. Integrate Bold360 AI with Bold360 Agent

Now that you've integrated your Rapid Helpdesk solution with Bold360 Agent and set up your channeling policies, you're ready to configure and deploy your integrated solution. To do so, follow the instructions outlined in the Quick start guide to set up Bold360. As you go through the instructions, please keep the following in mind:

  • When you reach the Chat Window section of the quick start guide, you?ll want to ensure you select Bold360 ai chat window for Chat window type.
  • The code snippet you generate per the deployment guide will be the code you?ll want to deploy to your website. You?ll want to delete the code you previously deployed (from Bold360 AI) and replace with this new code snippet.

Contact us if you need assistance with your deployment.