Rapid Helpdesk article phrasings

While setting up the Bold360 Rapid Helpdesk, add these phrasings to the articles created during the ServiceNow integration.

Note: The articles listed in the table below are available in your knowledge base once you have set up the ServiceNow NodeJS provider integration. Make sure you completed that step before you proceed.
See this article for instructions on how to add phrasings.
Table 1. Rapid Helpdesk article phrasings
Article title Phrasings to be added
What is the status of my incident What is the status of my ticket?
Follow up on an existing incident Can I check on an existing ticket?
Create an incident Can I create a new ticket?
Confirm create Confirmation of create
Confirm update Confirmation of update
Update incident Update incident comment
No longer require assistance I'm all set thanks
cancel update Cancel this update please
cancel create Please do not create
my incident isn't listed here I don't see my ticket in this list
talk to a live agent Can I chat with someone in the helpdesk?

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