How do I upload content to the knowledge base?

Once you added all users, upload content to your knowledge base as the next step in setting up the Bold360 Rapid Response Web Widget.

  1. Download the content template applicable to your organization.

    The content templates are attached at the end of this article. The questions in the template serve as examples and guidance for content creation and can be changed.

  2. Complete the content template.

    Here are a few guidelines on how to fill out the content template:

    1. Question: This is the title of the article, also known as the intent. We recommend you keep questions 3 to 8 words long and phrase them in natural language. Use full sentences instead of keywords.

    2. Answer: This is the answer that users will be presented upon asking their question. We recommend you keep answers short and concise. See What are the best practices for content creation? to learn more.
      Note: To keep the formatting of the text, use HTML. You can always edit the appearance of the content after the upload.
    3. Phrasings: These are other ways that users may choose to ask a question. For example, for the question Are all events cancelled?, you can include phrasings such as Will school-sponsored events still take place? or Will the university still hold organized events?. We recommend you add 5 to 10 phrasings per question. See What are the best practices for managing a knowledge base? to learn more best practices for phrasings.
      Note: Make sure to separate phrasings with | in the template.
    4. Labels: These are used for organizing content. You can search by labels within the knowledge base, so think of these as categories for findability purposes. See What are the best practices for managing a knowledge base? to learn more best practices for labels.
      Note: Make sure to separate labels with | in the template.
  3. Once you have completed the content upload template, send it to us by choosing at the bottom of this page.
    1. Complete only the required fields like Name, Email Address and Phone Number.

      You can leave other non-mandatory fields blank.

    2. In the Subject field, enter RRWW (for Rapid Response Web Widget).
    3. In the Issue Details, enter Content Upload Template.
    4. Select Choose file... and attach the content template.
    5. Hit Send.
What's Next? You can now set up your widget.