How to set up the Bold360 Rapid Response Web Widget

You can easily deploy a website bot to address the rapidly growing influx of questions from customers, employees, and partners.

The Bold360 Rapid Response Web Widget includes the following:

  • Web Icon that can be placed on any website to notify users about FAQs related to organization information.
  • Search Box that opens on the page allowing users to type in questions and get immediate answers without having to leave the page.
  • Knowledge Base to manage answers (articles) and view usage trends.

To set up the Bold360 Rapid Response Web Widget, complete the following major steps:

  1. Log in to Bold360 AI and add new users as necessary.
  2. Download, complete and submit the content upload template.
  3. Configure and deploy your widget.

    This may require assistance from a web developer.

  4. Watch AI training videos for further optimization.
  5. Optional: Add live chat.