How to set a chat link as a chat entry point

Set a text-based link that a visitor clicks to initiate a chat session.

When implementing chat, your visitors need something to click in order to start a chat session. The term chat entry point refers to the interface element that a visitor clicks to initiate a chat. You set a chat entry point as part of the procedure of generating and inserting an HTML snippet to your site.

  1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > HTML > Generate Chat Button HTML.

    Result: The Generate Chat Button HTML window is displayed.

  2. On the Generate Chat Button HTML window, at the top of the window under Type of Chat Button, select Web Page Chat Button Text.
  3. Under Customize Chat Window, associate the link with a Chat Window definition.

    A Chat Window definition controls the look and feel and advanced behavior of the interface that is opened when a visitor clicks your link.

  4. Option. Associate your HTML snippet with a Department definition.

    See About the BoldChat 'Department' entity.

  5. Associate your HTML with a Website definition.

    See How to use Website definitions to manage multiple sites.

  6. Option. Pass customer visitor information into the chat session.

    See Custom Visitor Info, Variables: Collecting visitor data.

  7. Copy and paste the code to your site. See Generate and insert HTML to your website.