How to set a floating chat button as a chat entry point (with Visitor Monitoring)

Set a floating button that a visitor clicks to initiate a chat session.

When implementing chat, your visitors need something to click in order to start a chat session. The term chat entry point refers to the interface element that a visitor clicks to initiate a chat. You set a chat entry point as part of the procedure of generating and inserting an HTML snippet to your site.

  1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > HTML > Generate Floating Button / Visitor Monitor HTML

    Result: The Generate Visitor Monitor HTML window is displayed.

  2. On the Generate Visitor Monitor HTML window, choose a floating button to deploy:
    • To use the default button, do nothing (the default is called My Chat Button)
    • To change the chat button definition, click the three dots ... next to Floating Chat Button. See Configuring chat buttons.
  3. Associate your HTML with a Website definition. See How to set up a Website definition.
  4. Option. Associate your HTML with an Auto-Invite Ruleset definition. See How to invite visitors to chat according to rules.
  5. Copy and paste the code to your site. See Generate and insert HTML to your website.