How to set up a Chat Button definition

The term chat button is used generally to refer to both Custom Chat Button definitions and Custom Floating Chat Button definitions.

Why do we call it a "definition"?

It is important to understand that "chat button" does not refer to a simple button (as in the actual graphical user interface element a visitor clicks), but rather a complex group of settings associated with an actual button, buttons, or string of text. Together these settings make up a definition.

Where do I create chat button definitions?

We recommend creating and managing Custom (static) Chat Button definitions and Floating Chat Button definitions from the following location: Setup > Account Setup > Chats.

What is the difference between static and floating chat buttons?

A static chat button is a standard HTML button that is always displayed on your website as a static element. Whether it's a button or just a clickable string of text depends on how you configure your chat button definition.

Floating buttons are animated by default and they slide into view when the visitor moves the mouse over these buttons. When the button slides in, it covers part of your website, essentially creating an extra layer on top of your website content. You can define where the initial shrunk version of the button should appear on your website and how much it should shrunk before a visitor moves the mouse over it.

How do chat buttons relate to other BoldChat entities?

Chat button definitions can be associated with the following:

  • An HTML snippet
  • A Custom Chat Window definition
  • A Department definition

The direction of the relationship is from HTML snippet to chat button, and from chat button to window or department.

An HTML snippet can only be associated with one chat button definition. A chat button definition can only launch one specific chat window and can only be associated with one department, while a chat window can be launched from multiple buttons or invitations and a department can be associated with multiple buttons.

What is controlled by the chat button definition?

The chat button definition controls the following:

  • The actual button images shown when operators are available or unavailable
  • The position of floating button images on your page
  • Animation settings for floating button images, including resize when not in focus
  • The Chat Window visitors are shown when they click the button
  • The Department associated with the button
  • The countries where the button will be displayed

Which settings impact chat button availability?

The following settings help determine when your chat button is shown to visitors:

  • Operator availability (including operator hours)
  • Website business hours
  • Department business hours
  • ACD settings (queue limits)