How to prompt visitors for information before chat (pre-chat form)

You can set up a pre-chat form that is displayed to visitors after they click a chat button but before actually chatting with an operator. The pre-chat form is a component of the Custom Chat Window definition associated with a chat button or chat invitation. The form can be customized. Visitor input is added to the incoming chat.

This feature is part of the Custom Chat Window definition process. A chat window definition controls the look and feel and advanced behavior of the interface that is opened when a visitor clicks an associated button or link. Once enabled and associated with a custom chat button definition, the form is displayed for all chat sessions initiated from the associated button.
  1. Using the BoldChat Operator Client, create a new custom chat window, as follows:
    1. From the main menu of the BoldChat Operator Client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click Chats > Custom Chat Windows > New

    Result: The New Custom Chat Window is displayed.

  2. On the New Custom Chat Window, click the Pre-Chat Form tab.
  3. Click Enable the activate the form.
  4. To allow visitors to choose the chat window language (as set up under Brandings), allow the Language Selector to be shown.

    See also How to provide a chat window in multiple languages.

  5. To prompt visitors for basic information or for a response to an initial question, set any of the following as required or optional:
    • Name
    • Last Name
    • Email
    • Phone
    • Initial Question
    Tip: To customize these fields, go to the Brandings tab under Custom > Pre-Chat Survey > Chat Survey Initial Question
  6. To allow visitors to associate the chat with a department in your organization, select an option for Choose Department.

    To provide the visitor with choices, you must add Available Departments.

  7. If the custom chat window definition is associated with a custom chat invitation definition, you can enable the pre-chat form for chats that are initiated through the custom chat invitation by selecting Enable Pre-chat Survey on Invited 'Pro-Active' Chats.
  8. Save your changes.