How to present a post-chat survey to visitors

You can prompt visitors for feedback after a chat has been closed.

This feature is part of the Custom Chat Window definition process. A chat window definition controls the look and feel and advanced behavior of the interface that is opened when a visitor clicks an associated button or link.
  1. Using the BoldChat Operator Client, create a new custom chat window, as follows:
    1. From the main menu of the BoldChat Operator Client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click Chats > Custom Chat Windows > New

    Result: The New Custom Chat Window is displayed.

  2. On the Post-Chat Form tab, select Show survey to visitors after they end the chat.
  3. To add field for standard survey questions, select any of the following options:
    • Prompt to rate Responsiveness
    • Prompt to rate Knowledge
    • Prompt for Comments
    • Prompt to rate Professionalism
    • Prompt to rate Overall
    Tip: To customize or localize the text associated with these options, go to Brandings tab > Custom > Common and select the Post Chat Survey group.
  4. To prevent the survey from being shown to visitors when the chat session involved a limited amount of communication, select Hide survey if visitor sends less than X messages.
  5. Save your changes.