How to invite an active visitor to a chat

  1. On the left pane of the desktop Operator Client, open the Visitors folder.

    Result: The left pane is updated with Visitor folders. The upper-right area displays a list of visitors for the selected visitor folder.

  2. From the list of visitors in the upper-right area, select a visitor to invite to a chat.
  3. In the toolbar above the list of visitors, click Invite this visitor to a chat (chat bubble with play symbol).

    Result: The button is greyed out and the visitor receives a prompt to accept a chat. The visitor must accept the chat for the chat to start.

    Tip: If the visitor accepts the chat request, then an incoming chat will be created and can be dealt with by the operator as usual. For details, see How to view incoming chats.
    Tip: If the visitor closes the prompt without accepting the chat, the Invite this visitor to a chat button in the desktop Operator Client becomes active again.