How to set up Sale Recovery (invite visitors to chat after missing them)

When operators are unavailable, visitors may nonetheless click on a chat button without making real-time contact with an operator. When an operator becomes available, BoldChat can proactively inform them that a visitor who wanted to chat is still on the site (this is called recovery) or is filling out a form (this is called recapture). The operator can then choose to invite the visitor to chat. These features are also known as Sale Recovery?, Chat Recovery, or Visitor Recapture.

  • Only visitors to a site with a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet can be invited.
  • You must insert a Visitor Monitoring HTML snippet to your site to take advantage of this feature.
  • Operators must have the following permission: New/Edit Operator > Other Settings > Enable chat recovery/recapture.

The following options allow you to customize your implementation of this feature.

  • Option. Use the default invitation, as follows.
    1. From the main menu of the operator client, go to Setup > General Account Settings. The General Account Settings window is displayed.
    2. Leave the value My Chat Recovery Invitation under Chat Recovery Invite.
  • Option. Create a Custom Chat Invite.

    This defines the actual interface seen by visitors upon invitation.

    1. Next to Chat Recovery Invite, click the button with three-dots .... The Select Item window is displayed.
    2. Click New. The New Custom Chat Invitation window is displayed.
    3. Customize the window as required and save your changes.
    4. On the Select Item window, make sure your new custom chat invitation is selected and click OK.

    Result: The Custom Chat Invite is listed under Chat Recovery Invite on the General Account Settings window.

Operators with proper permission are now able to send an invitation to visitors. The operator sees the following system message: There are visitors on your site who tried to chat while you were away. Would you like to invite them to chat now? If the operator responds Yes, the visitor is sent the chat invitation defined above.