How to create invitations

Invitation is a term referring to a set of features that interact to allow you to prompt visitors to engage with your organization. An invitation always includes an actual interface seen by visitors, called the Custom Chat Invitation. This actual invitation can be sent manually by an operator or automatically according to settings or rules.

To work with invitations, you must implement Visitor Monitoring HTML on your site. You can choose to use invitations alone, or in addition to chat buttons or links.

Where do I create invitations?

We recommend creating and managing Custom Chat Invitations from the following location: Setup > Account Setup > Invitations > Custom Chat Invitations.

To create rules, go to Setup > Account Setup > Invitations > Auto-Invite Rulesets.

How do invitations relate to other BoldChat entities?

Any custom chat invitation can be associated with the following:

  • Auto-Invite Rulesets (the direction of the relationship is from ruleset to invitation).
  • A Custom Chat Window (the direction of the relationship is from invitation to window).
  • The Invite this visitor to chat button on the Visitor tab
  • The Invite Delay field on the General Account Settings tab

For help customizing Custom Chat Invites, see How to set up Custom Chat Invitations.