How to define a content management workflow

With the content management workflow you can define editors, reviewers, publishers and approvers for knowledge base articles.

To introduce a review process, you can set up a collaboration-enabled workflow for a content management team, including editors, reviewers, publishers, and approvers. In a content management workflow, articles can be assigned to approvers, users can follow the approval process, and articles can be published in a controlled way. To create a review process, select users to manage the workflow:

Important: You must have the Enable approval workflow feature enabled for the knowledge base where you want to introduce a content management workflow. Contact your Customer Success manager to enable it for you.
  1. In the Bold360 AI platform, go to Admin Center > Users.
  2. Select a user who you want to include in the workflow.
  3. Open the Advanced Credentials list and under Knowledge-Base, select the role of the user in the review process:
    • Edit - the user can author the article and send it for approval
    • Approve - the user can either approve the article by clicking Send for Publishing or reject the article
    • Publish - the user can either reject or publish the article
    Important: A user must have modify permission for Knowledge-Base to be included in the workflow.
  4. Click Back to save the changes and set up the remaining workflow members with the proper credentials.
When rejecting an article, you should provide a reason on the Rejections tab of the Article Editor to help the editor revise content.

What workflow statuses are available?

On the Knowledge > Articles page, articles that are in the content management workflow are marked by the following system labels:
  • Waiting for approval - The content editor has sent the article for approval
  • Waiting for publishing - The approver has approved and sent the article for publishing
  • Rejected - Either the approver or the publisher has rejected the article, in which case the editor should revise the article's content.

All articles in the workflow are in draft mode until published.

How to define an approval process

To set up an environment where certain users can only author articles, but cannot publish those, do the following:
  1. Assign the Account Watcher role to the person who writes articles.
  2. Assign the Account Manager role to the reviewer, who approves and publishes articles.
  3. On the Admin Center > KB Setup > Notifications page, do the following:
    1. Enable Activate Email Notifications
    2. Enable Send notifications to assignee
    3. Select the reviewer in the Email recipient for assignee changes field.
Whenever an article is assigned to a reviewer, Bold360 AI automatically sends an email to the relevant user (Account Manager).