Block customers from sending emails to agents

Admins can set up routing rules to prevent customers from sending emails to your agents and essentially denylist email addresses.

Important: You must have Account settings > Setup Rules Engines permission to manage your email rules.
  1. In the Web Admin Center, click Channels > Email > Routing Rules.
  2. On the Routing Rules for Email page, select an existing rule or click Create New.

    Result: The Edit/New Routing Rule for Email page is displayed.

  3. Name the rule.

    Rules are displayed in the rules list by Rule Name. Each rule should have a unique name for easy identification.

  4. In the User's email address contains field, type the email address of the customers you want to block.

    You can add multiple email addresses.

  5. On the Actions tab, select a folder and a department that are not part of any other routing rules.
  6. Save your routing rule.
Your unwanted emails will still be available in Bold360, but will be routed to a department and folder that is not attended by any agent.