How do I reset a password?

The following questions answer those problems that may occur when you do not receive an email verification upon creating a new user or verifying the email address of an existing one:

As an operator, how do I reset my password?

  1. Type your username or email address in the Reset your Password window:
    • If you have not yet registered your email address as your new username, type your current username
    • If you have registered your email address as your new username, type your email address

  2. If the issue still occurs, check your spam folder.
  3. If you still don?t receive an email, make sure your Email settings can accept emails from
  4. If the issue persists, contact our Support team or your Customer Experience Manager.

What are the requirements for creating a new password?

  • Must be at least eight characters long
  • Must have a digit, an upper case character, and a lower case character
  • Cannot have the same character repeating four times in a row
  • Cannot contain your user name or the account name
  • Cannot reuse your last five passwords

As an administrator, how do I reset passwords for my operators?

You don't. As LogMeIn moves to the new common identity platform, each user will be uniquely identified by their email address. Users of LogMeIn products will be able to easily move between different LogMeIn products using the same username and password. Therefore, the email and password of each user are owned by the user itself and can?t be controlled by the administrator of a Bold account.

However, the administrator of a Bold account can always remove or modify each user's permissions. For example, users can be blocked from accessing a specific account or can get different permissions to ensure the security and ownership of the administrators of their accounts.

Do I need my operators to have a valid email address?

Yes. Since each user of LogMeIn products is identified by their email address, that email address must be valid and accessible. Email addresses in your BoldChat account can be either a work email (recommended) or a personal email. These emails will not receive any sensitive information regarding your BoldChat account.