What custom information can you define for your outreach activity?

The extra info criteria in your Outreach activity allows you to send and process external parameters or key-value pairs and use them to define the target audience when setting up an outreach activity in Bold360 Acquire. These external signals are processed when the customer visits your site and along with your other conditions, they can trigger the corresponding outreach activity. This signal is also an excellent means to customize user experience and both in terms of campaign segmentation and displaying the appropriate welcome message. The built-in outreach activity conditions are static signals, such as new or returning customer, country, page views in session, and so on. To give a few examples, let?s use the following scenarios.

Scenario 1 - Shopping cart size

In this case, the shopping cart value is an external signal that is sent in to Bold360 Acquire so that you can add a new type of condition to your outreach strategy. Let's say your AOS (average order size) is $210, then most probably you want to make sure that your customer is going to successfully finish the checkout process so that you gain another conversion event with the $500 amount. You can create two separate outreach activities: one for average cart value customers and another one for the high cart value customers where the ?cart size? condition would be below or above $200 accordingly (next to the other conditions, e.g. returning visitor, etc.). Since both of these customer types are important, but you focus on the latter group, you can assign the bot for low-cart customers and your sales force to the high-cart customers.

Scenario 2 - The customer has a high lead score

You already use a marketing tool to assign a score to all of your leads. Lead score is a very important metric in your organization so you want to differentiate between low and high scoring prospects. In this case, you can leverage the lead score from your third-party marketing tool and send it into Bold360 Acquire. You can then target leads according to their score with differentiated outreach activity.

Scenario 3 - The customer is browsing your site from an enterprise company?s network

If you use a reverse IP solution, such as Clearbit and Demandbase, or a paid contact database. When your customer is browsing your site from an enterprise network or is matching a record in your contact database, you can leverage this information as an external signal to trigger an outreach activity.

How to define Extended Visitor Info

Extended Visitor Info can be defined in two ways:

If visitor info is present when the page loads, the key-value pairs can be added to the Visitor Monitoring script
<!-- BoldChat Visitor Monitor HTML v5.00 -->
<script type="text/javascript">
    window._bcvma = window._bcvma || [];
    _bcvma.push(["setAccountID", "662109772134512"]);
    _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "WebsiteID", "2826355619995821"]);
    _bcvma.push(["setParameter", "InvitationID", "2826356147429652"]);
    _bcvma.push(["setExtendedVisitorInfo", "companyName", "LogMeIn"]);
    _bcvma.push(["setExtendedVisitorInfo", "marketCap", "70000000000"]);
    var bcLoad = function(){
        if(window.bcLoaded) return; window.bcLoaded = true;
        var vms = document.createElement("script"); vms.type = "text/javascript"; vms.async = true;
        vms.src = ('https:'==document.location.protocol?'https://':'http://') + "vmss-app51.boldchat.com/aid/662109772134512/bc.vms4/vms.js";
        var s = document.getElementsByTagName('script')[0]; s.parentNode.insertBefore(vms, s);
    if(window.pageViewer && pageViewer.load) pageViewer.load();
    else if(document.readyState=="complete") bcLoad();
    else if(window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener('load', bcLoad, false);
    else window.attachEvent('onload', bcLoad);
    <a href="http://www.boldchat.com" title="Live Chat" target="_blank"><img alt="Live Chat" src="https://vms-app51.boldchat.com/aid/662109772134512/bc.vmi?wdid=2826355619995821&amp;vr=&amp;vn=&amp;vi=&amp;ve=&amp;vp=&amp;curl=" border="0" width="1" height="1" /></a>
<!-- /BoldChat Visitor Monitor HTML v5.00 -->
Any time after the page is loaded
_bcvm.pageViewer.setExtendedVisitorInfo('companyName', 'LogMeIn');
_bcvm.pageViewer.setExtendedVisitorInfo('marketCap', '70000000000');

These key-value pairs can be leveraged as context for the bot as follows:

  1. Create new context categories with the exact (case sensitive) variable names (for example, companyName or marketCap from above)
  2. Use the captured values as context for the article variations (for example, ?LogMeIn? or ?70000000000?).

Subsequently, the bot will be context-aware and will show the relevant variations.