Chat window customization

You can adapt the appearance, layout, content, and behavior of chat windows to match your branding.

This feature is part of the chat window setup. A chat window controls the look and feel and advanced behavior of the interface that is opened when a customer clicks an associated button or link.

Note: You may need a certain level of HTML, CSS and JavaScript understanding to perform advanced customization.
  1. Create or edit a chat window, as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Channels > Chat > Chat Windows.
    2. Select an existing chat window or click Create New.
  2. On the New Chat Window page, go to the Customization tab.

    Result: You are ready to set up your Layered Chat Window or Pop-up Chat Window.

Remember: To implement a chat window, you must associate it with a chat button.

What are best practices for chat windows?

  • A chat window should be a layered window with company logo and styling to match website and branding.
  • Keep window focused and simple - easy to deploy and manage
  • Pre-chat and Post-chat survey windows should not have scroll bars visible
  • Pre-chat form should have no more than four questions (no more than 2 required) to reduce visitor abandonment
  • Post-chat survey form should have no more than four questions to drive higher survey completion rates
  • Post-chat survey should only be presented if visitor sends more than three messages; avg. completion rate 10-25%
  • Post-chat wrap up / disposition code by agent should have ?Category? as a requirement

You should not deter customers from engaging with agents and finding answers they are looking for. The easier and seamless the process is, the more higher your customer satisfaction will be.