You can brand and customize the Genesys DX chatbot in Microsoft Teams.


  1. Unpack the on your local machine. You can download the file from this article.
  2. Open the manifest.json from the "manifest" folder.
    You can customize the values highlighted in red. Changes made to these values affect the respective interface elements.

    Item 3 and 5 are visible on the left toolbar of MS Teams. 3 is the icon of the app, 5 is the description.

    Refer to the Microsoft documentation when you replace images.

    Important: Don't change any other values in the manifest.json. Any other change can disrupt the operation of the app.
  3. Pack the manifest.json and the image files into a .zip file. Do not pack the folder itself into the .zip file.
  4. Navigate to the Microsoft Teams Admin Center.
  5. Locate the application under Teams Apps > Manage Apps and select the Genesys DX app.

  6. Upload the updated file as an update of the application.

  7. Log out and log in to the Microsoft Teams. Changes take effect immediately.