What is intentional channeling?

Important: You must have the Enable intentional channeling feature enabled for your account. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it for you.

Ever wondered why there are three channeling scores marked by diverging arrows on the Dashboard? And why is that two of them display 0% in most cases?

That's because you can define positive (green arrow), neutral (gray arrow), and negative (red arrow) channeling but, by default, all channeling count as negative.

Now let's say, you have an online fashion outlet and you want customers to download a brochure with your spring collection. In this case, you would create an article that answers customers looking for spring clothing. You would then add a Download button, as shown below, as a channeling policy and set channeling to be interpreted as a positive action.

There are many other implementations where you can consider channeling as a positive action, such as directing potential customers to sales agents. You can even run reports on positive channeling to show potential sales value.

How to set up positive channeling

  1. In the AI Console, go to Engagement > Channeling.
  2. Create a new channeling policy as described in How do I define a channeling policy?

    In the previous example, you would set up your channeling policy as follows:

  3. Set Channeling score value to Positive.

    If you set it to Neutral, that will influence your neutral channeling score on the Dashboard.

  4. Save your changes.

How to view positive channeling in reports

  1. In the AI Console, go to Analytics > Reports.
  2. On the Fields tab, under Content, select Channel Sentiment.
  3. Set any other report parameters that you need.
  4. On the Filter by tab, select Channel Sentiment and run the report.

Does positive channeling effects the Self Service Score on the Dashboard?

No. The Self Service Score on the Dashboard is calculated under the assumption that any channeling involves some level of human interaction. Therefore, it cannot be considered to be fully digitally resolved. This means that even if a channel is defined as "positive", it will still "negatively" affect the Self Service Score.