AI Setup Articles

To use the chatbot, you must first integrate the Bold360 Agent and AI platforms.

Note: This feature is only available with a Bold360 AI platform account.
  1. Enable the Bold360 ai integration in the Bold360 Admin Center as follows:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Integrations > Genesys DX ai.
    2. Enter your Bold360 AI platform account name, host URL, and API key that you can copy from your Bold360 Admin Console.

      To find this API key, log in to your organization's Bold360 AI platform account and go to the Admin Center > API keys tab.

    3. Click Integrate.
  2. Set up an AI-enabled chat window so that both your customers and agents receive help from the chatbot:
    1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Channels > Chat > Chat Windows and create or edit a chat window.
    2. On the General tab, select Genesys DX ai chat window for chat window type.
    3. Select the Bold360 ai chat window configuration from the Floating Widget Configuration drop-down list that you want to use. Smart Advisor will use the selected knowledge base to answer customer queries.


      Note: You can only customize an AI chat window in the Bold360 Admin Console.
    4. Optionally, to define a separate knowledge base for your agents, select a Knowledge Base for Agents from the respective drop-down list.

      Result: This way, you can define an additional knowledge base that agents can use when the bot does not find a suitable answer. Additionally, agent answers would not influence your primary knowledge base's statistics on the Bold360 ai Dashboard.

    5. Save your changes.
  3. Set up your AI-enabled chat window's escalation path, which is called channeling policy in the Bold360 Admin Console:
    1. Create a Bold360 API access key.
      • In the Bold360 Admin Center, go to Integrations > API Access Keys and click Create New.
      • Name your API key and select a Website and a Chat window that you want to associate with chats.
      • Select the Department where you want to direct your chats.
      • Click Save and copy your API access key.


      Note: After closing this dialog you will not be able to view this key.
    2. In the Bold360 Admin Console, go to Channeling > Policy and click Add channel.

      Channel setup requires the Bold360 API access key that you have previously created.

    Remember: To implement a chat window, you must associate it with a chat button.
    Important: When you generate your chat button HTML code, you must select the same Website that you have defined for your API Access Key in Step 3.

    Result: The integration is now available for your agents. After integration, the Smart Advisor panel automatically replaces the Canned Messages panel when a chat is transferred from the chatbot. For more information, see Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations.

    Figure 1. Agent's view when Genesys DX ai is activated

After integrating Genesys DX ai, you may also do the following:

  • Set up the knowledge base that contains help articles. The chatbot presents the same knowledge base articles in the AI-enabled chat window to customers and on the Smart Advisor panel to agents. You can define multiple knowledge bases to serve different audiences, but every knowledge base must be associated with a separate chat window definition in the Bold360 Admin Center.
  • Customize the AI-enabled chat window. In the Bold360 Admin Console, go to Touchpoints > Floating widget and click Personalize.

For information on working with the Bold360 Admin Console, see the Bold360 ai support page.

Digital DX AI setup

The Digital DX AI platform offers customers chatbot-enabled self-service and introduces Smart Advisor, which provides agents with the best possible answers to customer questions during chat. The chatbot handles customer queries and provides a consistent front-line customer care experience. This way, Digital DX delivers the best of both chatbots and agents to solve customer issues.

Note: This feature is only available with a Digital DXAI platform account.

With your Digital DX AI platform account, you also get access to the Web Admin Console, where you can customize your AI-enabled chat window. Here you can also manage the content of the knowledge base that contains help articles that both the chatbot and the Smart Advisor panel show. The Digital DX AI platform is a service that provides a chat window with AI-enabled customer assistance after it is integrated into Digital DX. The layout of the chat window and the content of the help articles are controlled by the AI Console.

To use Digital DX AI, you must set up a link between the Web Admin Center and the AI Console by creating API keys:

  • To use the chatbot, create an API key, which connects the Digital DX AI and Agent platforms
  • To set up channeling, create a Digital DX Agent API access key. Depending on the number of channeling paths, you may have to create multiple Digital DX API access keys.

If set up correctly, customers receive self-service help from the chatbot and agents can use Smart Advisor to answer customer queries. See Smart Advisor: Chatbot-assisted conversations.

About channeling

When your customers request help from a human agent while interacting with the bot, the chat is escalated to a live agent in your organization. In the Web Admin Console (for the AI platform), chat escalation is called channeling. You may set up multiple channels to cater for your customers' needs. For example, you may use different knowledge bases to serve different audiences, in which case you must set up a channel for each knowledge base. With the Digital DX Agent API access key, channel settings are linked to a chat window and during channeling these settings are applied.

Whether customers receive help from the bot or chat with a live agent, they see the same chat window. Customers do not experience any change when a chat is seamlessly transferred from the chatbot to a live agent. They continue the conversation in the same window.

Figure 1. Customer's view when Digital DX AI is activated

How to integrate Bold360 Agent with Bold360 AI

Integrate Bold360 AI and Bold360 Agent to enable your customers to escalate to a live agent when necessary.

Before you start: You must have valid Bold360 AI and Bold360 Agent subscriptions. The integration must be set up in both the Bold360 Admin Center and Bold360 AI.

Set up the integration in Bold360 Agent

  1. Log in to and go to Integrations > Bold360 ai.
  2. Enter your Bold360 ai account name.

    If you don?t know your account name, go to your Bold360 AI account and check the website name. The account name is whatever comes before in the full URL.

    Result: Upon filling out the Bold360 ai account name field, you?ll notice that the Bold360 ai host url field is populated automatically.

  3. Enter the Bold360 AI API key.

    See How to create an API key in Bold360 AI for more information.

  4. Choose Integrate.

Set up the integration in Bold360 AI

  1. Log in to Bold360 AI, and go to Channeling > Channeling Policy.
  2. Choose (Create channel).
  3. Name your channel.

    Example: For example, Bold360 chat.

  4. Define criteria for selecting your target audience.

    For a search widget, we recommend doing this for queries without an answer (Search Results = No results) or by label (Article Label = Chat).

    Note: You need to create and assign this label to the articles where chat should be available. You can find more detailed information about channeling criteria here.
  5. Select Chat for Channel type.
  6. Under Button action, choose Show chat form.
  7. Select Bold360 from the Select chat provider drop-down.
  8. Paste your Bold360 Agent API key into the API key field. If you don't know your Bold360 Agent API key, create a new one as follows:
    1. Log in to and go to Integrations > API Access Keys.
    2. Choose Create New.
    3. Name the API Key.

      Example: For example, Bold360 ai.

    4. For Website, select My Website.
    5. Select the Department where you want to direct your chats.

      You can leave this blank unless you want to create different policies for different chat departments. If that's the case, you will want to create your departments as outlined in the Quick start guide to set up Bold360. From there, you can follow these instructions to create multiple API keys and channeling policies (one for each department).

    6. For Chat Window, select My Chat Window.
    7. Choose Save.
    8. When the Access Key window pops up, select Copy to Clipboard to copy your API key.

      Result: Now you can go back to Bold360 AI and paste this key.

  9. Choose Save Settings to save your channeling policy.

What's next?

If you are new to Bold360 Agent, follow the instructions in the Quick start guide to set up Bold360 to set up your Bold360 Agent account.

How to integrate BoldChat?

To integrate BoldChat with Bold360 AI, do the following:

  1. Login to your Bold360 AI, and go to Channeling > Policy.
  2. Click Add channel.
  3. Select Chat for Channel type.
  4. Select Bold360 from the Select chat provider drop-down list.
  5. Paste your BoldChat API key into the API key field.

    If you do not know your BoldChat API key, open your BoldChat console and go to the Setup > General Account Settings menu. On the Chat API tab, click View key next to the API key that you want to copy.

  6. Optionally, define the conditions for the chat button to appear. For more information on setting up conditions, see How do I define a channeling policy?.
  7. Save your changes.

Once the integration is set up, make sure you are Online in the BoldChat console to accept new chats. You will see the Chat escalation button on the Bold360 AI widget. If the chat integration does not work, contact our support.


Genesys DX/Bold360 End of Life: January 2024

The Genesys DX (Bold360) platform will end of life on January 31st, 2024. This difficult decision was announced in March, 2023.  

Genesys continues to make a strong commitment to Genesys Cloud, while tightening the portfolio to further accelerate feature growth on the platform. Part of that included bringing over key Genesys DX features to Genesys Cloud CX, such as Knowledge Optimizer that focuses on ease-of-use knowledge management. Digital only licenses for Genesys Cloud were also introduced late last year, which are suitable to those who are not looking for voice capabilities or who need agent seats that only feature support for digital channels. 

Details on the end of life timeline

As of January 31st, 2024, access to Genesys DX product interfaces and customer-deployed components stop to function. Users will no longer be able to log into product interfaces, and all of the boldchat/bold360/nanorep domains will become unavailable for use. If you are curious on what the code on your website related to this might look like and how to remove it, we encourage referencing this post on the DX community

After January 31st, 2024, admins will still be able to get access for an additional 30 days. This period is meant to allow for extracting the necessary data from the platform. Historical data extraction from your account will be available to retrieve by data extraction APIs (Bold360 APIs and Nanorep APIs).