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The following table details a feature comparison between Bold360 legacy SDK and Genesys cloud mobile SDK.

As we progress towards Bold360 EOL, we invite you to check out the Genesys Cloud Mobile SDK features.

The matrix is also available as a downloadable PDF.


 - Not supported, does not exist

 - Should be disabled/removed

 - Supported

 - In the roadmap



Bold360 Genesys Cloud Notes
Integration with full UI solution Internal SDK UI components configurations remain unchanged. However, setting them to the chat is changed.  
Integration with messaging engine only solution Please integrate with the engine through listeners and control your own UI functionality according to provided chat states and data.
SDK imports

Android: requires 4 dependencies import via Gradle

iOS: via CocoaPods

Android: requires 3 dependencies import via Gradle

iOS: via CocoaPods

Android: import URL source location changed

iOS: import URL source location changed

System requirements


  • android API: 16(+)
  • Gradle: 5.3.1(+)
  • android gradle plugin: 4.0.0(+)
  • Kotlin plugin version: 1.3.21(+)
  • optional - Android studio: 3.5.0(+)


  • iOS 10(+)
  • ARC
  • CocoaPods



  • android API: 21(+)
  • Gradle: 7.4(+)
  • android gradle plugin: 7.3.1(+)
  • Kotlin plugin version: 1.7.20(+)
  • optional - Android studio: Dolphin 2021.3.1(+)


  • iOS 13(+)
  • CocoaPods
Upgrade your developer's app at least to the minimum supported versions.
Documentation Available on GitHub Available on Genesys Developer Center Switch to the new documentation site.

UI integration Sample covers all major features. Can be found on GitHub.

UI integration Sample covers all major features. You can find this documentation on GitHub.

Developers need to get the sample from a different GitHub repository.

History support

by customer

by BE

History maintenance on customer side is no longer necessary.

Injected messages tracking listeners remain available for the customers  for now.

Async messaging Integrate with mobile digital SDK.
Chat with bot

Initiated by developer

Configure conversation with Bot flows on architect  console.
Sync live messaging

Escalated by bot, or initiated by developer.

Migrate to Messenger async chat.
Chat session and continuity

Partial support for bot sessions by SDK.

Closed live chat sessionscan't be restored. 

Session continuity is provided internally. The account details are enough as long as the session was not expired or closed.
Chat account Use MessengerAccount.
SDK's UI integration into app Unchanged.
Chat state events and error notifications -
Listening to chat messages changes -
URL links -
User tracking -
Chat Active/Inactive status check

Use messenger account  on availability request activation.

Chat forms:  post/pre/unavailable -
HTML formatted messages Messages content should not rely on HTML parsing logic.
Markdown formatted messages -
User call in queue status

Sync live chat

Not needed

Agent identity  -
Avatar display -
Temporary  messages

Sync live

Messages injection by app -
Chat entities and personal information -
Custom Welcome message by app -
ExtraData / Custom Attributes support

Add key/value attributes to the messenger account.

Use attributes update API for changes.

Chat context support - -

UI components



Bold360 Genesys Cloud Notes
Chatbar -
Feedback per conversation -
Feedback (pre- response) -
Quick options/ quick replies

Configure messages with quick replies on Architect  console.

Persistent options -
Channels -
Carousel -
Localization Define which languages should be supported and set a default language on the console. 
UI centralized configuration

Partially supported for bot

Partially supported; more features coming soon

Configure available UI configurations on console for deployment.
Configure UI components on SDK Set UI configurations on the console.
Override SDK's UI components

On Android only

Set UI configurations on the console.

Escalation from Bot to agent Configure bot first with agent escalation for the account on the Architectconsole.
Chat can be ended -
Voice support -
Dictate/record message text -
Messages readout -

Partially supported

Partially supported

Basic ChatController and chat UI integration flow -
Typing indication -
Article view -
Configurable maximum displayed message  length   -
Autocomplete -
File upload

File picker implementation on hosting app is redundant.

File upload progress notifications

Depends on the selected solution

If you work with Messenger core solution, integrate with new upload progress events.

If you work with UI solution - no events listening are needed.

Bot transcript sent to agent on escalation -
Chat transcript sent to user -
Dark mode

  • Supported on iOs
  • Partially supported on Android



What is the Bold360 AI Mobile SDK?

You can find the Bold360 AI Mobile SDK documentation in the Bold360 Developer Center.

You can also find information about our APIs and SDKs at the following websites:

New repository for mobile and HTML SDK documentation and code samples -

Legacy references still available:

Bold360 for developers

Bold360 offers tools and integrations to help customize your implementation.

API and SDK resources in the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center

Please refer to the Bold360 and BoldChat Developer Center for detailed documentation.

All BoldChat solutions other than the Salesforce integration are valid for Bold360 as well.

Zendesk Integration

Provide a link that agents use to access Zendesk during chat sessions. To set up the Zendesk integration, use the desktop version of the BoldChat client. Learn more at the BoldChat Help Center: Zendesk Integration.

Tip: When the agent is using Window 8.1 with Internet Explorer 11, the agent must select the following options under Advanced Privacy Settings: Accept First- and Third-party Cookies, Always allow session cookies.

Figure 1. Zendesk link


Genesys DX/Bold360 End of Life: January 2024

The Genesys DX (Bold360) platform will end of life on January 31st, 2024. This difficult decision was announced in March, 2023.  

Genesys continues to make a strong commitment to Genesys Cloud, while tightening the portfolio to further accelerate feature growth on the platform. Part of that included bringing over key Genesys DX features to Genesys Cloud CX, such as Knowledge Optimizer that focuses on ease-of-use knowledge management. Digital only licenses for Genesys Cloud were also introduced late last year, which are suitable to those who are not looking for voice capabilities or who need agent seats that only feature support for digital channels. 

Details on the end of life timeline

As of January 31st, 2024, access to Genesys DX product interfaces and customer-deployed components stop to function. Users will no longer be able to log into product interfaces, and all of the boldchat/bold360/nanorep domains will become unavailable for use. If you are curious on what the code on your website related to this might look like and how to remove it, we encourage referencing this post on the DX community

After January 31st, 2024, admins will still be able to get access for an additional 30 days. This period is meant to allow for extracting the necessary data from the platform. Historical data extraction from your account will be available to retrieve by data extraction APIs (Bold360 APIs and Nanorep APIs).