Traffic Articles

What is the Answered Sessions chart?

The chart contains information about the number of answered sessions per each knowledge base as well as the total answered sessions in all knowledge bases combined.

To view the Answered Sessions chart, log into your Bold360 AI platform and go to Analytics > Traffic > Answered Sessions chart.

What is a Visit, Daily Unique Visitor, and Page load?

Daily Unique Visitor: Counts every visitor once in a time-frame of one day. Bold360 AI uses cookies for this tracking.

Visit: Visit is a time-framed period which user has visited a website. For every 30 minutes of inactivity, a new visit is counted.

Page Load: Counts for each time the widget loads.

How do I know how many monthly answers I have?

The answers shown in the Answered Sessions chart, which display how many sessions have been answered through Bold360 AI, including automatic answers, emails, and chats. To view the Answered Sessions chart, do the following:

  1. In the AI Console, go to Analytics > Traffic.
  2. Go to the Answered Sessions chart.

To download the chart, click on the download arrow located on the right corner at the top of the chart.

Note: If you have more than one knowledge base, the first chart (under 'My Account)' summarizes the answered sessions in all your knowledge bases. The chart below it (under ' X Knowledge Base statistics) summarizes only the answered session in the selected knowledge base.

Scenarios that are counted as answered sessions

What is the Escalation Reduction chart?

Escalation Reduction Rate
Questions that were not escalated to representatives.
Answered Rate
Questions that received an answer and were not escalated.
Escalation Rate
Questions that were asked and escalated to representatives.
Note: Escalation apply to email escalations (submitted via your contact form), while "Chats" apply to chat escalations.

To view the Escalation Reduction chart:

  1. Log into your Bold360 AI account.
  2. Go to Analytics > Traffic .
  3. Go to the Escalation Reduction chart.

What is the Widget Usage Rate chart?

This chart shows the percentage of your site's users who use Bold360 AI. To view the chart, go to Analytics > Traffic.

Go to the Widget Usage Rate chart.

Visit Usage Rate: The percent of interactions (page loads) where the customer used Bold360 AI to get an answer by typing a question or selecting an article.

Visitor Usage Rate: The percent of customers on the website who engaged with the widget.

What is the Widget Traffic chart?

This chart shows an overview of your site's traffic on pages where Bold360 AI is visible for users. To view the chart, in Bold360 AI, go to Analytics > Traffic.

Go to the Widget traffic chart chart.

Page loads: Shows the number of page loads on pages where the Bold360 AI interface is implemented. In other words, a page load is when the widget loads.

Visits: Shows the number of visits to pages where the Bold360 AI interface is implemented.

Daily Unique Visitors: shows the number of new visitors on pages where the Bold360 AI interface is implemented.

What is the Q&A Traffic chart?

To view the Q&A traffic chart, in the Bold360 AI platform go to Analytics > Traffic.

Total Asked Questions
Shows you the number of total asked questions by visitors in the widget, and support center.
Answered by Bold360 AI
Shows you the number of automatic answers that were provided to the visitors by the widgets and support center.
Shows you the number of escalations by email or forums that were performed in the widgets (Email button).
Shows you the number of chats escalations that were performed in the widgets (Chat button).
Click to call
Shows you the number of escalations by phone that were performed in the widgets (Phone button).

What kind of data does traffic analytics provide?

Bold360 AI analytics provides set of predefined charts which shows amount of traffic coming through the system. These charts can be very helpful to determine tendencies in visitors interactions with widget and how it affects your website.

There are six charts in the Traffic section:


Genesys DX/Bold360 End of Life: January 2024

The Genesys DX (Bold360) platform will end of life on January 31st, 2024. This difficult decision was announced in March, 2023.  

Genesys continues to make a strong commitment to Genesys Cloud, while tightening the portfolio to further accelerate feature growth on the platform. Part of that included bringing over key Genesys DX features to Genesys Cloud CX, such as Knowledge Optimizer that focuses on ease-of-use knowledge management. Digital only licenses for Genesys Cloud were also introduced late last year, which are suitable to those who are not looking for voice capabilities or who need agent seats that only feature support for digital channels. 

Details on the end of life timeline

As of January 31st, 2024, access to Genesys DX product interfaces and customer-deployed components stop to function. Users will no longer be able to log into product interfaces, and all of the boldchat/bold360/nanorep domains will become unavailable for use. If you are curious on what the code on your website related to this might look like and how to remove it, we encourage referencing this post on the DX community

After January 31st, 2024, admins will still be able to get access for an additional 30 days. This period is meant to allow for extracting the necessary data from the platform. Historical data extraction from your account will be available to retrieve by data extraction APIs (Bold360 APIs and Nanorep APIs).