SLA Articles

How can I track SLA for a certain label?

To track the SLA for a certain label (e.g. Quality Issue) you must enable SLA tracking for that label.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Ticketing > Labels, hover over the relevant label and click Edit.
  2. Under SLA select Track SLA Statistics for this label
  3. Schedule a custom tracking time, select Use custom SLA goals for this label and set the time according to your preference.
  4. Click Save.

Once you have the SLA tracking enabled, you'll start seeing data in the Label Statistics (under the Analytics > SLA. From that point you can click on the figure under the Tickets column and select the relevant target date.

How do I set the SLA tracking?

SLA (Service Level Agreement) Tracking allows you to get a clear picture of your support performance and activity.

Tickets that are waiting for longer than the SLA period defined will be marked as 'Overdue' in your inbox.

  1. In the AI Console, go to Analytics > SLA.
  2. Under Tickets SLA Tracking, click SLA Settings .
  3. Set the following SLA Tracking conditions:
    Name Description
    Ticket SLA Resolution Time SLA for closing tickets
    Ticket SLA Response Time SLA for replying to incoming tickets.
    Business Hours Tracking Determine the working days and hours on which the SLA will be tracked. You can chose between calculating the service availability by your service center working hours (specific days and hours or 24/7). You can also define specific days (as holidays) to be excluded from the calculation.

How can I retrieve the list of emails of users who escalated?

You can download the tickets report in excel spreadsheet. The report includes the list of emails.

To download the report, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Go to Analytics > SLA.
  2. Click Download Tickets Report and choose the relevant month:
  3. In the Excel file, look for the User email column to find the list of emails by users.

How do I measure Bold360 AI business value?

Depending on your business goals, there are numerous KPIs for tracking the benefits of your Bold360 AI implementation.

KPIs can be prioritized, baselined, and tracked across time. Some KPIs are tracked within Bold360 AI, while others can be extracted from your complementary business operations systems.

Here are some KPIs you may want to consider:

Category KPI Comment
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of self service interactions out of all interactions  
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of human assisted contacts originating from self service  
Self-service centricity & success Percentage of self service success rate Bold360 AI dashboard
Assisted channels Chat volume Normalized: visits/customers
Assisted channels Inbound Phone Calls Normalized: visits/customers
Assisted channels Emails and tickets Normalized: visits/customers
Workforce effectiveness Amount of emails and tickets  
Workforce effectiveness AHT (average handle time)  
Workforce effectiveness SLA compliance  
Workforce effectiveness Average ticket resolution time (elapsed)  
Customer Experience Customer effort score (CES)  
Customer Experience Net promoter score (NPS)  
Customer Experience Customer satisfaction (CSAT)  
Customer Experience Channeling accuracy (e.g. from LP) Also for WF effectiveness
Business results Sales conversion rate  
Business results Churn/attrition  

Tickets SLA Tracking

SLA charts enable tracking your ticketing handling performance.

  • The Response Time and Resolution Time charts show you information regarding tickets first response average time (Response Time) as opposed to tickets closing average time (Resolution Time).
  • The Tickets Status Overview list displays the values of different ticketing statuses, including: replies, open, closed and overdue tickets for last week. Please click on one of the metrics to get a chart for daily/weekly/monthly data.
  • The Goal Overview pie chart displays the percentage of Good SLA, Fair SLA and Overdue according to your goal settings.
  • The Label Statistics chart displays the values of different ticketing parameters for the defined period, sorted by custom labels such as sales or urgent. Click here to find out how to define the labels you want to track.
  • The Agent Performance chart displays the values of different ticketing statuses, including: replies, open, closed and overdue tickets for the defined period, per agent.
    Note: Data is displayed according to the SLA settings in your account. You can change it by clicking Settings.

See How do I set tracking?

Export Tickets' SLA Information

To export tickets' SLA information, do the following:

  1. Go to Analytics > SLA.
  2. On the upper right side of the screen, click on Download Tickets Report..
  3. Select the month and year to export. You can also select a label and choose to include ticket correspondence (both are optional).
  4. Click Download Report
    Note: The data is exported in XML/ CSV format.

Why do I see different figures in the exported SLA data (compared to the dashboard data)?

The exported SLA data is based on UTC+0. The dashboard SLA data is based on the viewer's time-zone.


Bold360 21.10 Release Notes

Bold360 21.10 release notes

Bold360 version 21.10 contains the following new enhancements:

Enforcing HTTPS and removing HTTP across widget scripts

Going forward, there will no longer be an option to choose (non-secure) HTTP-only connections when generating widget touchpoint scripts. HTTPS will be enforced across all touchpoints going forward and HTTP-only widget configurations will no longer be supported as of December 31, 2021. Any widget script using HTTP only will need to be changed by this date in order to continue uninterrupted

Access to the Genesys DX AI management (* will only be accessible through HTTPs

In-product announcements will be present to raise awareness of this change

Important: Any widget script using HTTP only will need to be changed by this date in order to continue uninterrupted.

In-Product Rebranding

As part of the transformation to Genesys DX, the product interfaces are now rebranded to reflect this change. Logos, product names, and company links are now updated to Genesys branding and is present within each of the product interfaces.

getEstimatedWaitTime API call

Using the "getEstimatedWaitTime" API call will provide the estimated wait time that the visitor would spend waiting before starting a live chat with an agent.

Details on using this API can be located in this article.

Bold360 21.11 Release Notes

Bold360 version 21.11 contains the following new enhancements:

New KB Launchpad Intent Library for COVID-19/Vaccinations

In order to help businesses with providing just-in-time information related to updates to COVID-19 and vaccination protocols, a new entry in the KB Launchpad is now available with intents that can be used to deploy knowledge to keep your workforce informed of new policies and information that you may need to enforce.

Not familiar with the KB Launchpad? The KB Launchpad contains pre-defined intent libraries to help you add industry and use-case specific questions/intents to your KBs with your own specific responses to help with adding commonly asked questions for newly created KBs.

We will be enabling the KB Launchpad as a default setup option on all accounts shortly but contact your Account or Success Manager to get it enabled early if necessary.

ICO Cookie Compliance

In order to support ICO cookie compliance in regions that require end-user consent for allowing cookies to be set, Genesys DX now complies with this standard by making the tracking and analytics related cookies that are set through the touchpoint and visitor monitoring HTML snippets to be optional.

By default, all cookies will continue to be set upon page load. To restrict these cookies from loading automatically and only upon end-user consent, additional steps will be required on the website that the Genesys DX code is being deployed to.

You can learn more about what this compliance is and how to update your Genesys DX deployment to be compliant by reviewing the details in this article: ICO Cookie Compliance.