Knowledge Base Labels

Knowledge base labels are categories you can use to organize content in the knowledge base or in the support center.

Knowledge Base Labels are categories that you assigned to articles to make organization of your Support Center easier and more efficient. You can arrange labels in a hierarchy to define how your Support Center is displayed. Labels also make it easier for you to search for specific topics and related answers.

Tip: Looking for information regarding Ticket Labels? See How do I assign a label to a Ticket?

Creating a Label

  1. Go to Knowledge > All Articles and click the Label icon.
  2. Click Create Label.
  3. The Content Labels window is displayed, where you can add, remove, edit and sort labels.
  4. Under Label Name, give your Knowledge Base Label an appropriate name and then select a color for your label.
  5. Save your changes. The label is displayed in the list of Knowledge Base Labels, and is displayed next to any article to which it is assigned.

Categorizing Knowledge Base Answers Using Labels

Categorizing Knowledge Base answers mean that you can easily organize your support page into groups of related topics for easy browsing of your customers.

  1. Go to Knowledge > All Articles, and select the article(s) to be categorized.
  2. Click the Label icon.
  3. Choose the relevant label to assign it to the article.

Categorizing Multiple Labels at Once

  1. On the Knowledge > Articles page, select the check box of an article (or articles).
  2. Click the Label icon () in the toolbar.
  3. Click Select multiple....
  4. Select labels and click Apply.