How to add an image to an answer

You can add an image from the web or from your local computer to the body of the article.

To add an image to an answer, do the following:
  1. Click the image icon in the toolbar of the Article Editor.

  2. Choose to either use an existing image on the web or upload an image from your computer:
    • To add an image from the web, enter the target URL in the URL dialog.
    • To upload an image from your computer, go the Upload tab of the Image Properties dialog and upload an image.

    You do not have to define the original size of the image as it is scaled to 100% automatically.

    To manually adjust the size of the image, define image Width and Height.

    Note: When you scale an image up or down, you can keep the image ratio by clicking the lock icon next to the width property.
  3. Click OK when you are done.
To learn how to add a link to an image, How do I add a link to an image?.

Can I add animations to answers?

Yes, you can. Bold360 AI fully supports all HTML-based embedded content, including YouTube videos, Flash animations and much more.

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