How to run reports in the desktop Operator Client

This topic describes options available on the BoldChat Operator Client Reports tab.

Select New to create your own customized report.
Templates allow you to set up custom report template to avoid the need to select criteria each time you generate the report.
Relate To
Use the Relate To button to create or associate a ticket for actionable follow ups based upon information related to the specific report.
Use the Schedule button to set up reports that run according to a schedule and can be emailed automatically to appropriate addresses.
Recent reports
Use Recent Reports (top right corner of the Reports window) to display a list recently generated reports, with additional filters as required.
Report tab
The Report tab displays the generated report.
Discussion tab
The Discussion tab is used to facilitate discussions among staff based on the selected report.
Details tab
The Details tab a displays additional detail on the selected report.
Ticket tab
Shows any tickets that may be associated with the selected report.
Reporting Interface
Figure 1. Desktop Operator Client Reporting interface