What is Bold360 AI?

Bold360 AI is a customer engagement solution that uses Natural Language Processing (NLP) to learn about your customers? needs from the very first interaction with them.

With Bold360 AI you can build a help center where your customers can self-serve through a dynamic search bar and you can optimize dynamic search bar engagement with a chatbot.

When visitors hit a dead end or get lost in online FAQs, they either bounce or involve a costly human agent. Bold360 AI's dynamic search bars understand what your customers are looking for and deliver relevant results within seconds. Your customers won?t waste their time digging or your agents? time when not necessary.

The chatbot can answer simple, repetitive inquires that often eat up the majority of an agent's time. This allows customers to be served immediately, at any time of the day or night, and frees up customer service agents for more complex issues and higher-value work that require a human touch. Built with patented NLP, Bold360 AI chatbots understand, remember, and respond like humans, so your customers can get the help they?re looking for in a quick, personalized way.

When your chatbot needs to involve an agent, whether it?s to answer a complex request or hand off a high-value opportunity, the transition is seamless. Agents can clearly see what has occurred in the self-service interaction, so customers don?t have to repeat themselves. AI continues to help the agent as a virtual assistant, offering contextual information at the right time to resolve issues faster.

Instead of pre-loading a customer self-service solution with every possible knowledge base article you can think of, go with what you have and let Bold360 AI help fill the gaps. See what customers are asking in self-service interactions to know which questions need new or additional information. Your Bold360 AI chatbot also takes feedback from customers and agents to self-learn how to answer queries better over time.

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Bold360 AI platform, Bold360 Agent platform, BoldChat. What's the difference?

You are now at Bold360 AI's support site. Bold360 AI (formerly Bold360ai or Nanorep) customer engagement solution that enables your customers to self-serve.

Bold360 Agent is a web-based application for live agents. You can sign in at agent.bold360.com or admin.bold360.com, depending on whether you want to support your customers, or set up the support experience for your customers and agents. For information about Bold360 Agent, see the Bold360 Agent support site.

BoldChat users generally use the .NET-based BoldChat Operator Client, which is a standalone application available on Windows only. BoldChat users can also sign in to the web-based Bold360 Agent Workspace, (also known as Agent Workspace), but you must first contact your account manager or sales representative for assistance. For information on BoldChat, see the BoldChat support site.