Data Retention Options

You can set Digital DX to automatically recycle or delete chat data.

Bold360 Plus subscribers with proper permission settings can activate data retention at the following location: General > Data Retention

The ability to change data retention settings is disabled for all permission groups by default and must be explicitly enabled with the Access Data Retention Settings permission. Use caution when granting permission to use this feature.

You can choose to automatically move chat sessions to the Recycle Bin or to permanently delete the chat session data. In either case, this is done after the chat has been closed for the specified number of days.

Permanent deletion

  • When you choose to permanently delete chat session data, the data is permanently removed from the system without passing through the Recycle Bin.
  • This data cannot be recovered.

Recycle Bin

  • When you move chats to the Recycle Bin, they are not immediately permanently deleted: Instead agents are prevented from seeing the data in their Bold360 agent workspace.
  • You can set up an automatic purging of the Recycle Bin after items have been in the bin for a specified period of time (General > Data Retention > Recycle Bin Settings > Permanently delete chat records after X days in the Recycle Bin).
  • Once items are purged from the Recycle Bin, they are similarly permanently deleted and cannot be recovered.

Delete partial data

  • The main chat session record can be retained for historical reference and reporting, while other data associated with the chat session is deleted. For example, you can delete the chat transcript data (messages exchanged during chat between the customer and the agent), but leave the rest of the chat record information for historical reference and/or reporting.
  • Partial data deletion results in permanent deletion with no recovery option
  • This feature can also be used in conjunction with the complete record deletion option. For example, you could setup to permanently delete the chat transcript data after 90 days, and then permanently delete (or recycle) the complete chat records after 180 days.

How to generate reports on chats before those are deleted?

You can only report on chats that are neither deleted nor in the Recycle Bin. To do so, you have the following options:

  • Set up scheduled reports to be emailed to recipients to report on the chat data before it is deleted. For example, if chats are deleted every 60 days, have scheduled reports run monthly.
  • Use partial deletion as described above. This permanently removes most chat data, such as the customer and agent chat messages, but keeps the chat record itself so that those appear in reports, like the Chat Summary Report.
Important: For Agents, viewing the recycle bin is generally disabled by default. To enable it, go to Organization > Permission Group and select the group of your agents. Then on the Account Settings page, enable View/Undelete from Recycle Bin.