Invite Summary report

Analyze the effectiveness of your Auto Invite Rule Sets.

Fastpath: > New Report > Visit > Invite Summary
Important: This report contains data for the current and previous three months only.

The Invite Summary report, grouped only by proactive invitation rule, shows the number of times the invitation was offered, accepted, declined and ignored. Percentages are included as well.

Note: The number of those website visitors who qualified for the rule, but were not sent an invitation because there were no agents available to chat is displayed in the <None> row. For more information, see Missed Opportunity Summary report.
Customers who met all the criteria for an invite, regardless of availability.
Customers who were actually sent an invite.
Invitations accepted.
Invitations declined
Invitations ignored
Inv %
Percentage of customers invited who met all the rules regardless of availability
Accept %
Percentage of invitations sent that were accepted