How to view agents' workload and availability in Omni-queue

When multiple channels are included in a single queue, called Omni-queue, you can get an overview of agents' combined workload on all those channels.

To see agents' workload in Omni-queue, do the following:

  1. Sign in to the Agent Workspace.
  2. Click the arrow in the top-left corner of the Agent Workspace above your list of sessions.
  3. Go to the Live Workload tab.
  4. At the top of the page, select Departments or Agents depending on what details you want to see:
    • The Departments page show you the number of active work items for each department per channel. This list refreshes every five minutes.
    • The Agents page lists workload and availability for each agent who is currently signed in the Agent Workspace. This list refreshes every minute.

At the top of the list, you see the total number of work items assigned to agents and waiting in queue per channel. Channels included in Omni-queue are listed as a single queue. In the following example, channels for chat, email, and messaging apps are included in Omni-queue, while work items (customers) for SMS and Facebook Messenger have their own queues:

Note: You can only see those channels that are enabled for you and that you have permission to view.

Frequently Asked Questions about Omni-queue

Is Omni-queue a new channel?

No. Omni-queue is simply a queue. It includes as many existing Digital DX channels as an admin needs. An admin may choose to add all channels or only some to Omni-queue, but this does not make Omni-queue a new channel. Agents receive work items from all channels included in Omni-queue.

How do I receive work items in Omni-queue?

Agent availability in Omni-queue is controlled by a separate status button in Agent Workspace. Therefore, agents can make themselves available on multiple channels by a single click. Similarly, when agents change their status, that is applied to all channels in Omni-queue at once.

Note: Agents would still have to change their status on other channels separately. For example, if SMS is not part of Omni-queue, agents have to change their status at two places when they go on a break.

Can agents receive work items on all channels included in Omni-queue?

No. When a channel is disabled for agents, they do not receive work items on that channel, even if the channel is included in Omni-queue.

I used to see an icon for the chat channel in the bottom-left corner of Agent Workspace, but it disappeared. What now?

That's because the chat channel has been either disabled for your user or added to Omni-queue. When you have Omni-queue enabled, hover over the icon in the bottom left of the Agent Workspace to see all channels included in Omni-queue. If you do not see the channel you are looking for, contact your Digital DX admin.