Missed Opportunity Summary report

Includes data such as the number of customers who were not invited to chat because no agent was logged in and the number of chat button clicks occurring outside of business hours.

It also contains other metrics such as the chats not taken because the queue was full (above defined threshold), abandoned by customers at the pre-chat form and those ended before an agent could answer.

Fastpath: report.boldchat.com > New Report > Chat > Missed Opportunity Summary

Report availability: Enterprise.

Customers who were not invited because chat was unavailable.
Chat button clicks outside of the website hours and department hours.
Chat button clicks when no one is logged in as available.
Note: Since the chat bot is always available, this number will always be 0 for chats channeled from the bot. When counting unavailable agents, Bold checks specifically for chattype 3, whereas bot chats are of chattype 8 ("API initiated").
Max Queue
Chat button clicks when the queue of chats is full.
Checks for chats that have no started time and do not have a chattype of either 3 (The chat was initiated by clicking a chat button and became unavailable) or 5 (The chat was initiated by clicking a chat button and was blocked). However, it does include bot chats, since they will never have an answered time (and will always have chattype of 8).
Chats that were started but ended before any agent answered them. See What is chat lifecycle?