Digital DX AI Ticketing System Overview

You can use the Digital DX AI ticketing system to process customer escalations.

You can access the ticketing system of Digital DX AI by selecting Ticketing from the menu on the left.

Once you open it, you have the option to view:

  • Open tickets
  • Tickets assigned to you
  • Unassigned tickets
  • All tickets

Open tickets is the main interface for the ticketing system. When a customer escalates a question to an agent, it is displayed in Open Tickets. This category contains the following:

  • New tickets, that is, tickets that haven't been answered yet
  • Non-closed tickets, that is, tickets that have been answered but not closed yet

With the ticketing system, you can:

  • Assign open tickets to agents
  • Create labels and assign them to tickets to group them
  • Search your knowledge base to find an answer to the customer's issue
  • Write a new answer or leave a comment on the ticket
It is possible to set up Digital DX AI to work with 3rd party ticketing systems. For more information see What are the ticketing integration modes?.