How do I import my knowledge base from ServiceNow?

Bold360 AI uses ServiceNow's API to import knowledge base articles.

Remember: Your account must have the Enable ServiceNow article import setting enabled for each knowledge base where you want to import articles. Contact your Customer Success Manager for more information.
Note: If you are looking for information about importing articles in a batch using Bold360 AI's API, see this article.

Integrate ServiceNow with Bold360 AI

Before you can import knowledge base articles, you must first integrate ServiceNow with Bold360 AI as follows:

  1. In the AI Console, go to Admin Center > KB Setup and choose the Integration tab.
  2. From the Third-party service drop-down list, select ServiceNow. From your ServiceNow account copy the following details:
    • Copy the instance URL from your browser. Look for https://< instanceURL >
    • Enter your ServiceNow user credentials.
    • From the Application Registry page in ServiceNow, create a new OAuth API endpoint for external clients that you want to use to set up a connection between ServiceNow and Bold360 AI. Then copy Client ID and Client secret to the Bold360 AI platform.

    The following is an example of the ServiceNow integration parameters:

  3. Choose Connect.

ServiceNow is now integrated with Bold360 AI.

Import Knowledge Base articles

To import knowledge base articles, do the following:

  1. Select the Bold360 AI knowledge base where you want to import articles. Note: You can only import articles to a single Bold360 AI knowledge base. Your account must have the Enable ServiceNow article import setting enabled for this knowledge base.
  2. Go to Admin Center > KB Setup and choose the Integration tab.
  3. Select the ServiceNow knowledge bases that you want to import. These are pre-populated during the integration process.
  4. Optionally, select article labels to filter the articles in the selected knowledge bases.
  5. Choose Fetch Articles and wait for the list of articles to load. Depending on the number of articles in the selected knowledge bases, this process may take a while.

    Articles that you can update in your Bold360 AI knowledge base are listed. Only those articles are listed that have changed in ServiceNow since your last knowledge base import.

  6. Select the articles that you want to import. You can click the arrow next to the title of an article to view its content.

    Articles are color-coded in the list to reflect changes in the ServiceNow knowledge base:

    • Green: new article. A new Bold360 AI article will be created.
    • Yellow: updated article. The article in the ServiceNow knowledge base has been changed. If you have edited the article in Bold360 AI then those changes will be overwritten when importing from ServiceNow.
    • Red: deleted article. The article will be removed from the Bold360 AI knowledge base.
  7. Choose Import selected articles at the top of the list.

The ServiceNow articles are now imported into your Bold360 AI knowledge base.

What happens after articles are imported?

The imported articles receive a ServiceNow label and their expiry dates are also synchronized. When an article expires, it is removed from the live site. To see expired articles in Bold360 AI, go to Knowledge > Expired.

Finally, the revision list is updated to reflect the changes in the number of imported articles.