How to transfer a chat in the Agent Workspace

You can transfer chats to other Operators or departments in your Bold360 organization.

Important: You must have Actions > Chat > Assign Own permission to transfer chats.
  1. To transfer a chat to another team member, click Transfer at the bottom of the chat panel.

    Restriction: During remote access, Transfer is unavailable.

    Result: You are prompted to select an Operator or department.

  2. Select the receiving Operator or department and click Transfer.

    The No departments option includes those Operators who are not members of any department. You cannot remove this item from the department selector.

    Note: When you transfer a chat to an Operator, make sure their workload allows them to take an additional chat. The number next to an Operator's name represents their current tasks, excluding emails.

    Result: The chat is transferred and removed from your workspace (the column closes). The customer is not notified about the transfer, but the name of the new Operator will be displayed in the chat window.

Keep in mind that if Automatic Distribution is configured and you select Transfer Automatically then the chat will be assigned back to you if there are no other available Operators.

Transfer chats while monitoring sessions

You can transfer chats to an Operator in your organization while monitoring conversations.

  1. To list chats, click the arrow in the-top left corner of the Operator workspace above your list of sessions.
  2. Select a chat on the Queued or Assigned to Agent tab.

    Result: You can select multiple chats to transfer.

  3. Click Assign to... and select an Operator or a department where you want to transfer the chat.

    Result: Optionally, select Transfer automatically to use automatic chat distribution and let Bold360 choose an available Operator.

  4. Click Transfer.
You can also transfer the chat to yourself by clicking Assign to me.

How can I tell who transferred the chat to me

When you open the chat on your workspace, you can see the name of the person who transferred the chat to you in the header of the chat message:

Depending on how the chat was transferred, you can see the following messages:

  • Transferred from Agent - The Operator manually transferred the chat to you.
  • Auto-transferred from Agent - The Operator selected the Transfer automatically option when transferring the chat. By doing so, Automatic Chat Distribution selected you as the most appropriate Operator to take over the chat.