How to download a list of work items to CSV in the Agent Workspace

You can download a list of work items in CSV format for a selected period. By doing so, you can run an audit on your work items any time.

Remember: You must have the appropriate user permission to see work items in Monitor View.
  1. In Monitor View, go to the tab where you want to export a list of work items.

    You can download this list on the Queue, Assigned to Agent, and Closed tabs.

  2. Select a period of time to list work items.
  3. At the top of the list, click Export to .CSV.

    On the Queue and Assigned to Agent tabs, it downloads all data of the first 700 work items, regardless of which columns are visible in Monitor View. On the Closed tab, it downloads the first 1000 work items.

What if I have more than 700 / 1000 work items on a tab?

Let's say, you have more than 1000 closed work items over a period of time. In this case, only the first 1000 items listed in Monitor View are exported. Here's what you can do to you can do the export the rest:

  • You can use the date selector to list your closed work items over a shorter period of time. Say, instead of listing 2 months of closed work items, you can display work items of the last month only. This way, you can export work items in two parts.
  • You can also filter, for example by date, which is a great way to display, and consequently export, only the latest 1000 work items.
  • Finally, you can use the department selector in the top-right corner to reduce the number of items displayed.