How to send chats to a rollover department

When no operators are available in the original department, rollover departments take over incoming chats.

For example, Sales goes offline at 5pm, but Customer Support stays online. You set Customer Support as the rollover department for Sales. As a result, the Sales chat button is displayed as available whenever either a Sales or Customer Support operator is logged in.

Rollover departments are set as part of the Department definition process.

Remember: If a rollover department has business hours set at the department-level, it cannot receive rollover chats outside of its own business hours.
  1. Create a department, as follows:
    1. From the main menu of the BoldChat Operator Client, go to Setup > Account Setup. The Account Setup window is displayed.
    2. On the left menu of the Account Setup window, click General > Departments > New

    Result: The New Department window is displayed.

  2. On the New Department window, select a Rollover Department.
    Tip: Enterprise subscribers can also rank rollover departments. Chats are taken over in the order of the rollover department's ranking.
  3. Finish setting up your department.
  4. Save your changes.