About the new sign-in process in the Digital DX platform

Use your email address instead of your username to log into the AI Console.

Overview of the new sign-in process

LogMeIn migrates all customers to use a unique email address to sign in to all LogMeIn products, including the AI Console. This change modernizes our sign-in process and simplifies it for users: you no longer have a separate username and email address. Having a common identity across LogMeIn products makes it easier for you to use our suite of solutions.

With the coming of the new sign-in process, users of the AI Console may have to verify their email address. The password policy will also be affected.

Important: Your IT team must allow access to authentication.logmeininc.com and auth.bold360.com. For more information, see Allowlists and the Bold360 AI platform.

Who is impacted by this change?

Every user who signs in to the AI Console with a username at <account>.nanorep.co.

For users who sign in through an SSO provider, the experience will stay as it used to be.

Who should verify their email address?

From February, 2021, users of the AI Console may have to provide their email address and go through a short email verification process when signing in for the first time.

Account Managers can save time for users by reviewing user email addresses to make sure they are valid and up to date. Users of multiple LogMeIn products with different passwords will also need to create a new single password for all products.

What if I or my users have access to multiple accounts?

For users who have access to multiple accounts, the Account Manager must make sure they have the same email address for every account. Once the user has the same email provided for every account and the user has set up the same password for all their accounts, they will see an account selector upon sign-in.

As an Account Manager, how do I resend an invitation?

As an Account Manager, you can resend the email invitation to the Digital DX AI account. To do so, proceed as follows:

  1. In the AI Console, go to Admin Center > Users.
  2. Select the user you want to resend the invitation to.
  3. Choose Resend Invitation next to the user's email address.

As an Account Manager, how do I reset passwords for my users?

You don't. The email and password of each user are owned by the user themselves and Account Managers cannot control them. You can however remove or modify each user's permissions as needed.

How does the password policy change?

Starting February, 2021, you will no longer have the option to customize the password policy in Digital DX AI. The password policy will be disabled for all accounts by default.

If you still want to enforce a password policy, as an admin, you must enable it for your account and then each user must agree to the policy before signing in to the AI Console.

The password policy has the following configuration:

  • Users must change passwords every 90 days
  • Users cannot reuse their last five passwords
  • Password must be at least eight characters long
  • Password must contain a number, an uppercase character, and a lowercase character
  • Password cannot have the same character repeating four times in a row
  • Password cannot contain the user's name or the account name

Users will be locked for five minutes after three unsuccessful sign-in attempts. After 25 unsuccessful attempts, users will be "hard locked" and will be able to unlock their account only by resetting their password. As additional protection, LogMeIn uses risk-based authentication to protect against sophisticated password attacks.

How to authenticate on Digital DX AI APIs

If you used username and password to authenticate on Digital DX AI APIs, you will now have to create an API key for authentication. For more information see How to create an API key.

How to make changes in the AI Console

When an Account Manager (administrator) adds a new user, or modifies an existing one, the user profile requires a unique email address for that user, that is, an email address can't be associated with more than one user in the system. The email address must also be valid to ensure that the user can receive verification and password reset emails.

For users who have access to multiple accounts, the administrator must make sure they have the same valid email address for every account. Once the user has the same email provided for every account, they will see an account selector page upon sign-in.

Note: We recommend that administrators visit the AI Console and review the email addresses in the system for all users.

For more information, contact your Customer Success Manager.