Set Up an Identity Provider

An Identity Provider (IdP) is a trusted online service or website that creates and maintains user identity information within a distributed network while also acting as a means of authentication for these users to access services.

This will allow users in your validated email domains to be authenticated for sign-on through your Identity Provider. Once you have set up an organization, the next step is to finalize the trust relationship between your company and LogMeIn to enable Enterprise Sign-In (SSO) for your users.

If you have not already established an Identity Provider, you can set up one of the following:

  • Implement the Microsoft Active Directory Federation Services (AD FS)

    Active Directory Federation Services is a feature of the Windows Server operating system that extends user's Windows sign-on access to other applications outside the corporate network. You can configure AD FS to work as an Identity Provider for LogMeIn's products. Learn how to configure AD FS 2.0 or AD FS 3.0.

  • Use a third-party Identity and Access Management Provider that provides single sign-on

    Many third-party Identity and Access Management partners offer single-sign on as part of their feature set, including:

  • Set up a custom configuration using the Organization Center

    You can use the Identity Provider tab in the Organization Center to set up a custom SAML configuration. Learn how to set up a custom Enterprise Sign-In (SSO) configuration.

Next Steps

You will need to add your Identity Provider to the Organization Center to indicate where you want your users to go to sign in to their assigned LogMeIn products.