How do data source entities work?

Use data source entities in Bold360 AI to turn your data into smart conversations.

Data source entities can be based on a CSV or a JSON file or can retrieve data from an external data source through an API. In terms of the data source, you have the following options:

  • Upload the file from your local drive
  • Upload the file to a file hosting service like OneDrive and add its URL to the entity
  • Specify the URL of an API
See What are the data source URL options? to learn more.

Makes sure the CSV or JSON file you use with entities meet the following requirements:

  • The file is valid, for example, the CSV file contains no unescaped commas. Use a validator tool to check.
  • If you provide a link to the file's location, make sure it's publicly accessible.
  • The file is structured in a way that
    • Each bot query corresponds to a column
    • Each response corresponds to a row or a part of it
    • Columns are divided into two parts: bot queries and answers.
See this article to learn how to set up an entity with a CSV data source.