How can I display long answers in multiple pages?

To present longer answers in a more digestible way, you can divide long articles into multiple pages.

With the Multiple page option of the Article Editor you can
  • Display longer articles in multiple pages in a Support Center
  • Display the content of an article in multiple pieces in a search widget
  • Display content in multiple bubbles in a conversational widget

You also have the option to delay the content that follows the first bubble in a conversational widget. Learn more here.

  1. In the Article Editor, choose (Multiple page) on the Content tab.

    Result: Page 1 appears above the text box and Add New Page appears below it.

  2. Create content for the first page.
  3. Select Add New Page and create the second part of the answer in the text box that appears.
  4. Add more pages and create content for them.
  5. Adjust your widget settings.
    • To display the content of this article in multiple pieces, make sure to use a chat widget that is set to Search widget mode.
    • To display the pages in multiple bubbles, make sure you use a chat widget that is set to Conversational widget mode.

When this article is displayed in a Support Center or in a search type widget, readers see only the content of the first page at first. They can navigate between the pages with the forward and backward arrows or select a page number to see the content of that page.

When this article is displayed in a conversational widget, the individual pages are presented in multiple bubbles.