How to create a linked article tree for multi-level answers

A linked article tree helps customers move through a series of related chunks of information until they get the answer they are looking for.

Linked articles are particularly useful for technical and troubleshooting questions. Customers ask their initial question and are presented with a list of options. The direction the article tree takes, and the eventual answer depend on the customer's choices.

In your knowledge base, articles that have links to other articles are labeled as Linked.

When you open such an article, you can see its linked articles on the Visibility tab of the Article Editor. To see all article trees in your knowledge base, in the Bold360 AI platform, go to Knowledge > Article Trees.

Follow the steps below to create an article tree.

  1. Create an article for the initial question.

    This should consist of the title representing the initial question and a series of answer options. Each option becomes a separate answer chain.

    Example: For example, you could create the following article:

    Title: My mobile phone is not working.

    Answer: What kind of mobile phone do you have?

    1. iPhone
    2. Android
  2. Create the subsequent answers in the chain for each previous answer option.

    Every answer is a separate article.

    Example: For example, you could create the following articles:

    1. For customers on iPhone, create the following article:

      Title: What iPhone model do you have?


      1. iPhone 7+ / iPhone 7
      2. iPhone 6+ / iPhone 6
      3. iPhone 5 / iPhone 5S
    2. For customers on Android, create the following article:

      Title: What model of Android phone do you have?


      1. Samsung
      2. HTC
  3. For each of the above answer options, write an accurate response.

    In this example, once the manufacturer and model are selected, the relevant answer can be displayed.

  4. Link the articles.