How to use the widget preview in the Article Editor

The widget preview in the Article Editor allows you to view the article that you are creating directly in the editor while still working on the article.

Here?s what you should know about the widget preview:

  • You can select from the widget configurations available for the knowledge base using the drop-down right above the widget preview.
  • You can also select whether you want to see the selected configuration as defined for the floating, embedded or Advise widget.
  • The settings of the selected configuration are applied to the widget preview, that is, it looks like the real widget and displays the article as the real widget.
  • The preview widget supports conversations as well as search-based content. Whether the article appears as a conversation or as a simple article depends on the configuration of the selected widget.
  • The widget preview is available for Draft and Published articles alike.
  • Custom scripts and channeling policies are not applied to the widget preview.
To see the widget preview in the Article Editor, you must have the Enable widget preview in article editor (Beta) account setting enabled. Contact your Customer Success Manager to enable it for you.