What are the best practices for the bot's introduction message?

Learn how to best set up an introduction message for the bot to make the most of the bot experience.

When the widget is presented, display an introduction that follows these guidelines to set proper expectations:

  • Let customers know they are chatting with a bot or virtual assistant and not a live person. We recommend you include terms like bot or virtual assistant in the introduction message. Be consistent in how you refer to the chatbot.

  • Give a few examples or some explanation on what the bot can and can't answer, for example, I understand short and simple questions best.
  • Tell customers what happens if the bot can't help, for example, they can start a live chat or call customer service, depending on what channeling you have set up.

Making clear that the customer is engaging with a bot and not a human being sets the customer?s expectations and prevents disappointment and frustration. It also encourages the customer to phrase their questions appropriately.

Tip: We recommend adding the introduction message as an FAQ title in the widget configuration, rather than specifying an auto question. An auto question may count as an interaction and therefore engagement and as such could end up in reporting.