Chat Assignment report

Analyze the flow of chat-work across your organization.

Includes data for chats that were assigned by Automatic Distribution, re-assigned by the AD, and/or transferred by another agent.

Tip: Offered, abandoned, and reassigned chats are counted only once. For example, if the same chat was abandoned by the same operators more than once, it nonetheless shows in the report as one chat.
Fastpath: > New Report > Chat > Chat Assignment
All chats assigned to an agent or department.
Answered Chats
All chats answered by a live agent.
All chats transferred by an agent or ACD.
Average Chat Time for answered chats that were transferred. Time from answering to transfer.
Average Message Count for answered chats that were transferred.
Average Speed to Answer for answered chats. Time from agent receiving assignment to the time it was answered.
Note: For Digital DX Service subscribers, the calculation method of certain chat report metrics are affected by conversations with the chatbot as described in Chat reports involving a chatbot. When no custom operator filters are selected, chats assigned to the chatbot are excluded from report.