Additional Configuration - Canned Messages

Canned messages are predefined strings of text that an agent can insert into a conversation. With canned messages, the agent can reuse commonly used responses without having to type them. Canned messages are managed separately by channel (Chat, Email, Messaging, Social).

Note: This article is part of a Quick Start Guide to help you implement your Bold360 environment from scratch.

To see the below steps in action, view our tutorial:

  1. In the Web Admin Center, go to Channels > Chat > Canned Messages.
  2. By default, you have two canned messages: welcome and bye. Feel free to customize either of these by clicking them and updating the body.

  3. To create a new message, click Create New.
    1. Add a Name so that agents can easily identify and reference the message.
    2. Type and format the message in the Body.

      You can include dynamic HTML variables such as agent or customer name. You can find a list of HTML variables here.

    3. In Keywords, include any words and/or phrases that help identify this message as relevant to a conversation.
    4. Agents can more easily use canned messages by adding a Shortcut. This enables agents to use a canned message without having to search for it by typing ?/[shortcutname].? (For example: ?/hello?)

  4. Save your changes.

    Result: Your new canned message is now available for responses to incoming chats.