How to access your Digital DX Agent Workspace

Operators have the following options to access their workspace:

  • Download the desktop Desktop Client installer here: (Windows users only)
  • The web client (no download required) can be accessed at
    Note: The web client is meant to be an alternative to the desktop Desktop Client, not a full replacement. The web client provides core functionality, including the tools you need to manage chats, visits, canned messages, alerts, and operators. However, some functionality such as administrative tasks, setup, reporting, and customization must be configured or accessed from the desktop application. For more information, see How to use the Web Client.
  • The Agent Workspace (no download required) can be accessed at
    Note: For BoldChat customers, the Agent Workspace does have limited capabilities. The Agent Workspace can be used to access chats, emails, and SMS. Administrators and supervisors should use the Desktop Client. For more information on the Agent Workspace, see How to use Agent Workspace as an Operator?