How to view and share a browser session with ActiveAssist (Browser Share)

ActiveAssist Browser Share allows operators to interactively and jointly browse (cobrowse) with visitors on websites that have visitor monitoring HTML installed.

With ActiveAssist, the operator can see and interact with the page the visitor is currently viewing. The operator can also highlight elements on a webpage that are shown to both the operator and visitor.
  1. Start a chat session with the website visitor.
  2. During a chat session, look for the toolbar above the active chat area and click Active Assist with this chat (two connected computers) and select the Browser Share option.
    Important: The visitor must be on a page for which Visitor monitoring HTML has been implemented. You may need to refresh the page or direct the visitor to a page that allows Browser Share.

    Result: The operator is shown the following message: Waiting for the visitor to accept the ActiveAssist invitation?.
    The visitor is prompted to allow the cobrowse session.

  3. The visitor must click Yes.

    Result: The ActiveAssist co-browsing session begins.

Operator options during ActiveAssist Browser Share:

  • URL field ? Send the visitor a URL that opens in their default browser.
  • Back arrow ? Takes the visitor's browser to the previously visited URL (like a standard browser Back button).
  • Forward arrow ? Takes the visitor's browser to the next URL in the history of visited URL.
  • Reload ? Refreshes the current page being shown in the operators view window.
  • Bookmarks ? Select predefined URLs from the bookmark library.
  • End session ? End the current Browser Share session.
  • Highlight tool ? Operator can use this to point out elements on a page.