Monitor your outreach campaign

***These capabilities are in reference to accounts where Bold360 Acquire is currently enabled. We are no longer enabling Acquire on accounts.

You can monitor the progress of your sales outreach on the sales dashboard, which provides you with a visual representation of your company?s sales KPIs (with a 2-hour latency). The sales dashboard allows you to have a better understanding of the overall revenue compared to campaign-driven conversions, the most successful conversion personas, and campaign trend progress indicators. As a result, you can optimize sales performance throughout a specific period, which ultimately increases top line revenue.

With the sales dashboard, you can monitor sales outreach performance to track conversion rate and conversions, determine behavioral patterns among customer segments and notify stakeholders about over- or under-performing product categories.

Since you can optimize your outreach strategy by A/B testing different treatments, the sales dashboard allows you to drill-down to the level of actions that target your customers.

  • The reporting dashboard is event-based: you must generate traffic for each of your campaigns and your A/B tested actions to see results. For example, if you defined an outreach campaign with two treatments that are A/B tested but only one of the treatments has been displayed to a customer yet, then the dashboard shows the campaign only with that particular treatment.
  • Every widget of the reporting dashboard (except the funnel) is conversion-based: you must set up and track conversion events in your account to see results.

The top four charts show various conversion related information:

  • Conversion Events ? displays the distribution of conversion events captured in the dashboard?s time interval
  • Overall Revenue ? displays the overall income and average order size based on all conversion events
  • Outreach Funnel ? provides a breakdown of the number of customers who were exposed to an outreach activity, started to interact with an outreach activity, and converted at the end
  • Revenue by Outreach ? displays the overall income and average order size generated by Bold360 Acquire

The middle section of the reporting dashboard displays outreach level progress charts:

  • Conversion Rate by Engagement Type ? shows the distribution of the different personas (outreach activity variations) who successfully generated a conversion event during the given engagement
  • Campaign Success Rate ? displays the distribution of outreach activities presented for converted customers on a given day

The Conversion by Outreach A/B variations chart at the bottom of the page displays a more granular view of your outreach activities, grouped by A/B variations. This chart shows you the distribution of outreach activity variations presented for converted customers on a given day.